Potomac Station offers a variety of committees that residents may volunteer with.  Committees are part of the life-blood of our community and provide residents an opportunity to meet their neighbors and provide a service back to our neighbors.  Resident participation is critical in the success of every committee and can assist the Board with tackling issues, advising, and assisting with community matters.  We currently have two required committees per our Bylaws (Article 7) the Covenants Committee and the Elections Committee.  Additionally, we also have an Events, Communications, Pool, Open Space, and Finance committee.  With interest, additional committees may be stood up to help meet the needs of the community!

Each committee is made up of at least 3 residents of which one is the Chair of the committee.  Each committee is assigned a Board liaison to provide information to and from the Board and to ensure committee’s are following appropriate rules and regulations set forth by their charter and governing documents.

Please check out our committees below for more information on what they do!  If you are interested in joining a committee, please be sure to fill out our volunteer application form and submit it to the front office for review at the next Board of Director’s Meeting!

Covenants Committee
Communications Committee
Events Committee (coming soon)
Open Space Committee (coming soon)
Elections Committee
Pool Committee (coming soon)
Neighborhood Watch Committee (inactive)
Finance Committee (coming soon)