Board of Directors

Potomac Station is run by a Board of Directors consisting of 7 members.  Directors are volunteers and homeowners who are in good standing with the Association.  Details on qualifications and elections can be found in the Articles of Incorporation Section 5.3.  Board Members are elected for a term of 3 years with offset terms between Directors.  Elections occur at the Annual Meeting where resident nominated homeowners are identified and ward residents vote for their representative.  If a vacancy occurs between meetings, the Board may appoint a homeowner to the vacancy until the next annual meeting where residents will then vote for their rep again.  Officers are nominated and elected annually at the Organizational Meeting by members of the Board which typically occurs directly after the Annual Meeting.  Ward Directors are prioritized by nomination of residents from within those wards prior to being open to any resident regardless of ward.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, please reach out to the front office or a Board Director for additional information.  Below is a list of the current Board of Directors.


Matthew L. Sharpe
msharpe ( at )

Vice President
Ward 4

Darren Carkin
dcarkin ( at )

Ward 1

Hugo Greyling
hgreyling ( at )


Michael Kling
mkling ( at )


Ward 2
Robert Ligon
rligon ( at )

Ward 3

Ayesha Akhtar
aakhtar ( at )

Ward 5
Kathy Minerly
kminerly ( at )