Board President
Member At Large (1)
Term Ends: 2026 Annual Meeting

Committee Liaison

Matthew Sharpe

Tell Us A Little About Yourself:
I’m 40 years old and am happily married to my wife of 19 years.  We have a daughter in elementary school and my father-in-law in our home.  By day, I am a career I.T. guru in the computer industry with strengths in deskside support and management.  We’ve lived in the Loudoun area for about 18 years now and the one thing I love about this area is that I can be in DC in an hour to enjoy some city life or I can mosey a step to the west and enjoy the mountains and country.  We grew up in Jacksonville, North Carolina tied to parents in the military and government before moving to the area and have a great respect for our veterans and those serving. 

How Long Have You Lived in Potomac Station?
We have been a resident for 8 years.

Why Did You Choose Potomac Station as Your Home?
When we first started looking for homes in the Sterling/Ashburn/Leesburg area, our Potomac Station home was the first one we walked through and instantly fell in love with it.  It provided the space we needed and more, was close to shopping, and was a well-established neighborhood near schools.  After six months of looking for a home, we came back to our first visit here and decided to make it home.

Why Did You Join the Board?
I joined the Board as a means to bring better communication and transparency to the community.  I’ve always been praised as a good writer and am full of “bright” ideas (maybe not all of those were bright); however, I felt that as a first-time homeowner that I wanted to contribute to my community.  Since moving in, I’ve met some great neighbors who have been residents for quite some time, and they’ve always spoken of the “good ole’ days” when the community felt more like a community.  I wanted to reinvigorate that feeling and felt that being a Board Member would help toward that commitment.

What is the Hardest Part of Being a Board Member?
As a member of the Board, there is a lot of responsibility dealing with processes, procedures, legal, contracts, money, and community issues; however, the hardest part of being a Board Member is having to be the “bad guy”.  As a Board Member our first priority is the Association and the protection of its Governing Documents.  This often puts me at odds with my neighbors when it comes to hearings and/or appeals where we have to put the HOA’s legal obligations as precedence.  We do our best to help residents where we can but at other times our hands are tied, it’s an unfortunate part of the business but is indeed just that, a matter of business.

What is the Best Part of Being a Board Member?
Working with great neighbors who are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of life within our neighborhood.  The hours and dedication that my fellow Directors put in to ensure that our community remains a great place to live is extraordinary and I’ve met and made some lifelong friends in this endeavor!

What is One Trait You Believe a Board Director Needs?
Respect – No one Board Member is above any of the others.  Even as President of the Board, I ensure that every Board Member has an opportunity to discuss matters and provide the input they wish.  No Director should ever feel belittled, disrespected, or believe their opinions and arguments don’t matter because every side of a discussion should have the time it deserves to make their case.

What Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
I am an avid video gamer and enjoy Japanese culture and entertainment (anime).  I also enjoy writing, geocaching, and the Mustang car scene.

What is Your Favorite Quote or Saying?
“Life is war, humans are the casualty” -Matthew L. Sharpe-  Yep, that’s my own quote I made up.  We live day to day, often on the front lines of managing our own mental health, daily stresses, and most times we are just trying to get by.  It’s truly a war at times!

What is Your Favorite Holiday?
I can’t say I really have a favorite.  Many holidays are overly commercialized for me and take away a lot of the joy they should bring.  If I had to pick it would be Christmas with its sense of giving and all the great decorations and lights.  Halloween would have to be a close second.

What Would You Sing at Karaoke Night?
I sing a lot of things at Karaoke.  It’s usually more along the classic rock lines, but this one time, at Karaoke night, I NAILED a great Queen song, “Under Pressure”.  Granted….I had little voice the next day because only true talent like Freddie Mercury could so easily take those notes!

Do You Have a Favorite Book or Author?
The Dark Tower Series and Stephen King hold that spot.

What is Your Favorite Movie?
The best Christmas movie of all time….Die Hard.  A lot of 80’s/90’s action movies really hit that top spot for me and as a child in the 80’s/90’s, missing these on the big screen was such a shame.  Love being able to catch some classics in the theaters when they roll through!

What Was Your Favorite Vacation You’ve Taken?

Are You an Introvert or Extrovert?
I am extremely Introverted.  Being around people I don’t know can be truly exhausting and while I try to remain calm and collected during Board Meetings, I go home exhausted!