Neighborhood Watch Committee
Email: [email protected]

**NOTICE** The Neighborhood Watch is currently inactive due to lack of resident participation.  In order to reinstate this committee a minimum of 3 residents will need to submit volunteer applications to run the committee.  If you are interested in this endevour please reach out to the email address above for further guidance/information.

The Neighborhood Watch is comprised of safety minded homeowners who care about the security of our neighbors and community and ensuring that our friends and families continue to have a safe and secure environment to live in. Through patrols, events, and communications, we hope to bring security to the forefront of our neighbors minds as we traverse the ever changing world of security in both the digital and real world. As much as we want to believe it won’t happen to us, we should always be prepared!

In a time where law enforcement relations are strained, the neighborhood watch is an important aspect of relations with our law enforcement agencies. Neighborhood Watch members NEVER carry weapons, are not authorized to interact with suspicious individuals, and are required to sign and abide by the Code of Conduct Policy Resolution 2020-01 as implemented by the Board of Directors.

The Neighborhood Watch currently maintains their own site.

Time Commitment:
Monthly Meeting (Approx 2 hours)
Optional Engagements:  Article submission to newsletter, walking/vehicle patrols, event planning and staffing.