Waste Removal Services

Potomac Station is serviced by two separate vendors depending on whether you live on the county or the town side.  Please remember that trash cans should NOT be placed out before 6:00PM the day prior for trash collection per Design Guidelines Section 2.2.26 (SFH) and 3.2.28 (TH) and should be stored by the end of the day of collection.  Trash cans must have lids and should be stored in a garage, shed, Covenants approved trash enclosure, or backplane of your home.  

Dumping is not authorized on any common areas.  If you have bulk items that require removal, coordinate with the appropriate waste removal service and place your bulk items out the night prior to the scheduled pickup.

Town Side Residents – Patriot Disposal  

The Town of Leesburg  provides waste removal services for town residents through Patriot Disposal.  Each residence is supplied with a single black curbside and blue recycling trash receptacle.  Please contact the Town of Leesburg if your receptacle is missing or damaged or you have any service issues.  Click the links below for specific information regarding the different types of pickups and what is and is not acceptable.  

County Side Residents – Bates Trucking

For residents on the county side, the Association provides waste removal services contracted by Bates Trucking.  Residents are supplied with a trash and recycling receptacle for service.  Please contact the Association front office for any issues regarding service issues or damaged/missing receptacles.  Do NOT contact the front office for Bulk Pickup.  Bulk Pickup must be coordinated with Bates directly.

  • Trash – Monday and Thursday
  • Recycling – Thursday
  • Yard Waste – Wednesdays beginning in Mid-March 2021 through December 2021
    • January 2022 – Mid-March 2022, yard waste can be combined with your Thursday trash
  • Bulk Collection – Thursdays
    • Must be scheduled no later than Wednesdays at noon by:
    • Can set out up to three items per pickup
    • No limit to the amount of bulk pickups you can schedule

Please follow appropriate ordinances for the disposal of waste products.  Any item not suited for general waste removal (e.g. hazardous, appliances, etc) may be accepted at the Loudoun County Landfill for a fee.  Please refer to the landfill’s website for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items.  Recycling is also accepted at the landfill and a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items is provided via the site.

Please report any individual dumping on Association grounds to the front office for appropriate investigation/citation.  Dumping of any hazardous material is illegal and should be immediately reported to local authorities.